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What is Focus Fitness?

Focus Fitness Labs are boutique private gyms fully rented by the hour. We offer top of the line equipment in a distraction-free environment.

Where are you located?

Lexington: 7 McDowell Street

Who is it for?

Anyone! From the seasoned gym goer looking to perfect their peak fitness experience to those who are workout novices, Focus Fitness is an ideal space for everyone including:

  • Moms looking for uninterrupted time to focus on themselves
  • Those on a weight loss journey who feel more comfortable working out in a judgement free environment
  • Anyone recovering from an injury who just needs time to focus on your recovery
  • Those tired of unwanted attention at the gym
  • Anyone bored or unmotivated with home workouts and equipment
  • Those working with a personal trainer and looking for a distraction free environment.
  • Anyone who just has 30 minutes and just wants to have unlimited access to all of the equipment in a gym to themselves

How much does it cost?

Lab time is $5 an hour with a one time $5 monthly maintenance fee. Time can be booked in increments as low as 30 minutes ($2.50) and up to 4 hours daily.

Do I have to have a monthly or yearly membership?

Nope! If you decide this isn't for you, there's no long-term commitment. You pay per session. You can cancel your session up to one hour before you are booked without being charged. There is a once a month $5 maintenance fee, which is only charged at the end of each month that you use the facility.

Can I bring my friend at the same time?

Absolutely! Bring your bestie, bring your mom, bring your partner, bring your trainer! You can even split the time - a one hour session would be $2.50 per person! While we love our pups, we ask that you leave any four legged friends at home.

What About Creature Comforts?

We're all about creating the perfect space so you can focus on you. Our labs are freshly decorated, have cold AC, full sound systems, water coolers, and restrooms.

What Type of Equipment Do You Have?

Rogue and Torque weights, Nordictrack treadmills, Peloton bikes.

Are machines cleaned in between sessions?

Each member is on the honor system to clean the equipment before and after they use it. The gym will have a daily deep clean.

Do I need to wear a mask?

No, masks are not required

Have other Questions?

Feel free to contact us through our contact us page and ask us!